Saturday, September 30, 2006

Alice Dreger: DSD - Silencing intersex voices - Canada

Message of solidarity from OII-Canada
Response to blog entry entitled: DREGER IN DENIAL

The title of Dreger’s blog entry says it all:

Talking about What Matters.

We in Canada have been repeatedly told that we do not matter by US intersex organisations and that what we have to say does not matter. Thanks for making this clear. However, we in OII-Canada, the actual founders of the Organisation Intersex International, disagree. We think we do matter and that what we have to say has a right to be heard.

We have experienced total blackouts from all US related intersex organisations because we were told that our activities were not important. We actually received an e-mail to that effect last year.

Suppressing the voices of intersex people around the world is not an effective way of empowering the intersex community.

We in Canada do not speak for the US intersex movement. However, we do wish to express our solidarity with OII-USA which is an affiliate of the organisation we founded here in Quebec and we are very proud to have OII-USA as part of OII.

Joëlle-Circé Laramée
Spokeswoman for OII-Canada

Vice-présidente et contact au Canada pour les médias anglophones et francophones
Contact for Canadian English speaking media

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